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About Locking Your Love, An Ancient Chinese Custom

Welcome to Lovelock, Nevada where friends, family and lovers come to forever lock their love. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, Lovelock adopted the ancient Chinese custom of symbolically locking one's love on a never-ending chain. Dedicated on Valentine's Day 2006, this custom has made Lovelock the nation's official love-locking destination. According to this ancient Chinese custom, as long as the lock remains on the chain, love will endure. Watch the Locking Your Love movie. (3.1 Mb).

No one knows how or when this ancient Chinese custom began, but the lock-laden chains, common in the Yellow Mountains and at the Great Wall of China, have begun to appear elsewhere in the world. Thousands of simple metal locks adorn chains and fences, placed with care by those who wish to symbolize their enduring love. Fasten a lock on the chain and throw away the key, thus uniting your love for eternity. 

Buying love locks for this ancient Chinese custom is easy, and are available at participating businesses throughout Lovelock. Look for the Lovers Lock posters in storefront windows. Go to Lovers Lock Plaza, located behind the historic Pershing County Courthouse, at 400 Main Street. At the Plaza, you will find a circle of green metal pillars with linking chains. Place your lock anywhere on the chains, then either throw away the keys or keep them as a reminder of this special day. Enjoy this ancient Chinese custom with your loved one.


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